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We concentrated on improving , producing and selling modern amusement equipment , mainly including playground and outdoor fitness . The quality of our products are very good and passed the ISO, TUV, GS, CE, SGS, SASO, En77, En1176, En1177 certification.

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  • How to import outdoor fitness equipment from China

    Hello, this is Happy Island. I understand that you want to know how to import outdoor fitness equipment from China. According to the information, there are several steps involved in importing fitness equipment from China, such as:

    fitness equipment factory
    - Finding a qualified and reliable supplier that can offer you the products you need at a reasonable price and quality. You can use online platforms  or contact manufacturers directly in China's coastal regions where most fitness equipment factories are located.

    outdoor fitness equipment factory
    - Negotiating the terms of the order, such as the minimum order quantity (MOQ), the price, the payment method, the delivery time, the warranty, and the after-sales service. 
    outdoor fitness equipment for sale
    - Arranging the shipping of the goods, either by courier, air freight, or sea freight, depending on the weight, volume, and urgency of your order. You should also consider the shipping costs, customs duties, taxes, and insurance fees that may apply to your import.
    outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer in China
    - Clearing the customs and receiving the goods. You will need to prepare the required documents for customs clearance, such as the commercial invoice, the packing list, the bill of lading, and the certificate of origin. You may also need a customs bond to guarantee the payment of duties and taxes. You should also inspect the goods for any damage or defects before accepting delivery.
    outdoor fitness equipment wholesale
    Importing fitness equipment from China can be a profitable business opportunity  if you cooperate with Happy Island.


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