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    The octopus castle, the forest labyrinth, the colorful fairy tale kingdom...
    Can you believe? These are all hidden on a roof near the sea. 

    Sea World·Huigang Shopping Center (Phase II), the best choice for 2021—Shenzhen's first rooftop children's interactive sky park has officially opened! Shenzhen parents must not miss it! The following is a report from Shekou TV, please watch it.

    Walking into the beach town located on the fifth floor of the Sea World Huigang Shopping Center (Phase II), what attracts the eye is the iconic playground with many entertainment functions-the Big Octopus Playground. The eye-catching shape brings the octopus to life.

    In the entire beach town paradise, this big red octopus attracts the most attention! ! It stands far from the end of the beach town, and the whole paradise is like a fairy tale kingdom full of unlimited imagination. 


    The inside of the "Castle" of the big octopus is extremely joyful, and there are also many fun devices that children like on the outside. The big red tentacles of the big octopus extend to all corners of the park, connecting all kinds of fun amusement devices in the park. 

    There are various play devices in the beach town, all with their own colorful colors. With red horizontal suspension rods, green drill barrels, blue sea spiral rotating discs, as well as slides, arched passages and colorful huge diamond rings, children can play all day without getting tired! 

    Now that you come to the beach town, how can you not take a beautiful picture and share it with your friends? Whirlpool umbrellas, colorful capsules, pirate binoculars, green plants maze...every scene is super attractive, just shoot it, it is a fashionable blockbuster exclusively for babies.


    「 漩涡雨伞

    The ultra-high-value and unique vortex umbrella is a place for interaction and communication with Mengma Mengbao. The wavy umbrella brings a hint of coolness and shelter, just like the warm embrace of a mother, gently guarding the baby's soft body and soul.

    「 七彩海滩胶囊 」

    In such a wonderful beach town, in addition to the big octopus playground that will let you linger, there are more surprises that will make you sigh again and again. 7 kinds of colorful capsules flashing beach capsules, which also contain a variety of entertainment activities. With the advantage of the wall design, there are pendulum capsules, ring capsules, labyrinth capsules, drill tube capsules, button capsules, slide capsules and export capsules. Composition is your endless source of happiness. Relax and play with your family here, or take selfies with your girlfriends and lovers, and share the happy life with the whole world.

    「 海盗望远镜 」

    The huge pirate telescope is under the tentacles of the octopus! The kids are standing in front of the telescope, pretending to be a pirate captain, and taking a picture of bravely going on the expedition! 

    「 绿植迷宫 」

    The center of the maze formed by green plants is the pirate's treasure box. See which kid is the luckiest and find the pirate treasure first! Then co-photograph with the treasure and leave a memorial of victory!


    「 绚丽的海滩小镇夜景 」

    When the sun sets and the day comes to an end, mom and dad must not miss this treasure paradise. It shines like a bright pearl at night.


    The afterglow of the sun has completely faded, and when there is only darkness, the street lights are lit up, and the entire beach town wakes up again. The unique coolness of summer nights is suitable for children to play... 


    Under the soft light, the cute child is like an angel. If the weather is very good, in this roof garden, it is better to take your children to look up at the stars and feel the sea breeze. 




    Project Name: Huigang Phase II
    Year of completion: 2021.04
    Project location: Shekou, Shenzhen
    Equipment provided: Happy Island
    Phone: +86 13680018596

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