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    Huizhou Galaxy Dandi is located in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Big Bay District,nearby Huizhou South Railway Station and the Ya Gong-Ding Forest Park. The total area of the project covers 1.5 million square meters, the architecture surface is about 2.6 million square meters, which is one of the biggest communities in Huizhou. The developer Huizhou Galaxy company considers the future resident population of the community will be more than 30,000 people, so in their urban planning they planned to do a large number of public facilities constructions. Located on the east side of the Galaxy Dandi, the Galaxy Sport Park is an important section of community activities in the whole public facilities construction planning.
    playground equipment manufacturer

    The project site is located at the foot of the east side of the Dandi hill, with an area of about 28,000 ㎡, adjacent to the large area of an existing residential buildings in the west, and Fengtian reservoir to the east, forming a natural climate innate, providing superior natural conditions for building an all-round activities park.
    Community children's play equipment case

    Before the reconstruction
    China Happy island outdoor playground equipment

    There has an existing community activity center building, so our landscape design mission will also consider its function and surrounding site updates, improve the main entrance, parking area, rest & leisure area, other buffer functions of landscape updates.

    When the designer is on the spot investigation, the reservoir that discovers to live near at hand is beautiful.Therefore, the designer adopts the way of borrowing scenery, which does not belong to the park originally, and visually integrates the interior scenery of the park with the scenery of the reservoir, which reflects the unity of “harmony”.
    Design Strategy
    The topography of the site follows the north-east side of the hill, down the trend, the maximum difference of the level is about 15 meters, which can be used to shape the terrain. Designers want to be able to create three-dimensional activity spaces: Firstly, combined with the difference of the levels, the outdoor activities need all kinds of places, all-age activity areas and children’s activity areas and other places for the layout; Secondly, the jogging runway is used to connect the various venues in series to strengthen the link of outdoor sport.
    Children's park playground equipment

    Function layout strategy
    The park will be opened for all- age people, such as the parents, the children as well as sport enthusiasts. Then, the designers have planned some multi-functional layout, as the regular small football field, X- basketball court, dynamic tennis court, multi-functional sport field, skateboarding court, leisure sport and X-sport venues interspersed with integration. The designer fully considered the relationship between light and various sport conflicts, they try to avoid the south- north direction preventing glare from the sun.
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    Sport Theme Layout Design
    The principle of layout follows changes in the terrain: the designer places the largest football field in a flat area of the site, the football field was put in the form of a 1 plus 2, the two mini practice pitches are integrated into a large field to meet more different sport needs; while the north side of the site has the most complex and steepest terrain, then our designers thought for children’s activity area. With consideration of safety factors, they designed a rich, exciting playground for the children.
    Sport Park Master Plan
    Section Design
    Children's park playground equipment

    There are many different public spaces in the Dandy community, but there is no space similar to the project. The park combines indoors and outdoors spaces to provide many public leisure spaces for sports and various parent-children activities. The main color of the site is blue-gray, sometimes we use orange as the jump color to put in evidence some special activities. Silicone is used as the main ground material, combination of colorful EPDM and colored asphalt. The spaces link fluently, to enhance atmosphere of the overall activities, to optimize the activities experiences.
    Create an outdoor activity neighborhood in the community
    Guangzhou Happy island outdoor playground equipment

    Colorful playground
    Guangzhou Happy island outdoor playground equipment

    Natural and wild Trampoline Garden
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    Halfway up the hill under the landscape space, we don’t want to interrupt event venue contact with natural ecological landscape area, with a simple and natural landscape, through the plant and flexible configuration space and green space, such as some rubble stone material, arc planting space, surrounded by tree-lined space, bring people into being naturally embrace from the details.
    Vibrant X- basketball court
    playground equipment manufacturer

    Tennis court
    Happy island outdoor playground equipment

    Detail design
    Activating the diversity of public behavior in community
    Active comminity
    Happy island playground equipment

    Children's park playground equipment

    Family time
    hapyy island playground equipment

    Happy island outdoor playground equipment China

    Happy island outdoor playground equipment

    Report for The Construction Site
    After several months of construction, through the cooperation and efforts of Galaxy client, designers, construction and equipment teams, Galaxy Dandi Sports Park has opened to the public. During the construction period, according to the requirements of Galaxy client and the construction site situation, the designer closely cooperates, follows up the progress of the site construction, in the completion of acceptance, the designer and Galaxy client experience all kinds of equipment in the site together. Through the first-hand experience of their own design results, designers combined with on-site inspection, experiential learning, which will strengthen the ability to make up for the shortcomings. We believe the experiential learning has a very intuitive effect.

    Site Operation

    Site Installtion

    happy island playground

    The designer and the equipment


    The purpose of this park design is to make a public development sports place for the surrounding residents. People oriented, taking into account the functional needs and the nature of landscape optimization, in the form of a park to provide a good place suitable for the activities of community owners.After it was completed and put into operation, it has been well received by residents and owners. We look forward to presenting more outstanding works in the future.


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