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We concentrated on improving , producing and selling modern amusement equipment , mainly including playground and outdoor fitness . The quality of our products are very good and passed the ISO, TUV, GS, CE, SGS, SASO, En77, En1176, En1177 certification.

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  • How to Choose the Best Playground Spinner

    We offer a variety of spinners that are designed to be safe and developmentally-appropriate. Can Use in kindergarten garden backyard school square playground etc. Happy Island - The largest manufacturer of commercial amusement equipment in Guangzhou China

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    Playground Spinners
    Happy Island spinners and carousels add innovation to the joy of spinning and attract children of all ages and abilities. Besides being great fun, the spinners and carousels also help children train their sense of balance, muscle strength and bone density.

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    Planning for Spinners in Your Playground or Park
    Choose spinning equipment that promotes core strength as well as upper body strength development.

    Spinners wholesale

    When choosing spinning elements, look at the variety of speed, directional and control features available. These elements will offer differing levels of comfort and encourage exploration of speed, force and directional qualities of movement.

     Spinners Outdoor Playground Equipmente for sale

    Choose spinning equipment that will encourage social skills, such as awareness of personal and physical space, taking turns and cooperating with others.
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    Spinning Playground Equipment
    What child doesn’t love to spin around and around and enjoy the thrill that dizziness can bring? Playground designers are well aware of kids’ affection for spinning, and that is why so many of them choose to install spinning park equipment when they are building a dedicated play space. Put some spinning equipment on a playground and kids will surely flock to it!
    At Happy Island, our catalog includes playground spinners as well as a large selection of other commercial-grade playground equipment. Spinning can be both fun and safe with our spinning playground equipment, whether you choose a piece for toddlers or one designed for older children. You’re sure to find the perfect piece of playground equipment that spins to keep kids happily playing every time they visit your playground.
    Spinning Safety Considerations
    As is true with other playground equipment, safety is a particularly important concern when it comes to installing and using playground equipment that spins. There are a variety of things to keep in mind, but the key principle is that no more than the maximum number of children for which the spinning park equipment is designed should be playing on it at any given time. Some spinning equipment can accommodate more children than others. Umbrella spinners, for example, can hold two or more children, and it is not uncommon to find structures that can bear up to six or more kids at once.
    No matter how many children the spinner can hold, it is essential that the safe surfacing is placed beneath the spinner. In the past, it was common to find playground equipment placed directly on a flat piece of ground, with nothing but dirt or grass under the spinner, but in recent years, playground experts and safety regulations have encouraged playgrounds to do away with ordinary ground in favor of a safer foundation. Playground turf made out of rubber, for example, is a common choice seen at playgrounds all across the country and decreases the risk of injury caused by accidents on playground equipment. Spinning is a risky activity that can lead to falls, but providing a safe surface beneath leads to fewer injuries than if the children were to fall onto the hard ground directly.
    Other Considerations for Playground Spinner Purchases
    If children with disabilities are apt to use the playground often, special consideration should be paid to finding a playground spinner that can accommodate those who use a wheelchair or other mobility aids. Our associates can help you find equipment that will meet this need.
    Since the ground at the base of a spinner will receive a lot of foot traffic because kids will be running around the device, many playground designers find it wise to install a special wear mat under the spinner. This mat prevents the turf from being damaged and wearing out too quickly, and it is easy to install and remove. We recommend one of these mats in order to help you cut down on the expenses that can arise with frequent turf replacement.
    Order Spinning Playground Equipment or Get a Free Quote
    Our associates are standing by to answer your questions and to help you make the right selection from our extensive catalog of playground spinners and other play equipment. Contact us today for more information or to place your order. When you do, we know that you will find the best customer service and highest-quality products available in the industry today.

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